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Microgreens are the beginning stages of a plant. They are said to have up to 40x the nutrient value than their full-grown peers therefore are called 'nutrient-dense' or 'superfoods'. 

You will be surprised at all the ways you can use your microgreens- in salads, stir fry, on tacos and sandwiches, even smoothies and juicing.  They make a great snack and kids love sunnies- even toddlers!

Our greens are grown in organic soil, with organic seed and filtered water. We are a raw agricultural producer of greens in an indoor growing environment, currently applying for our organic certification. Our spicy mix is grown together on the tray and harvested that way, otherwise we are not a producer of salad mixes.  We do not wash our greens so as to maintain their delicate structure, which reduces the risk of mold and lengthens the shelf life in your fridge. Please refrigerate and rinse before using.


 Different prices reflect many variables: seed cost, total crop yield per tray, complexity of growth and time till harvest. Individual varieties may be possible to negotiate price if the scale of order makes that feasible. Generally, micro herbs are at a premium. General varieties will lessen in price as you go up in total ounces- the best deal is at the 8 and 16 ounce sizes.


All varieties have different growth cycles; therefore, when first ordering, please allow 1-2 weeks on average for your custom crops. (Specialty varieties can take up to 28 days to harvest). Weekly customers can expect their crops on a regular, timely basis after the initial order is established.


Check back each week as we offer new varieties!


Local deliveries are two times a week- Mondays and Thursdays, range within 25 miles/30 minutes of Carmel, NY. ($10 minimum for deliveries).

We accept cash, credit card via Square, Stripe or Paypal; Venmo, Cashapp. Checks with credit card on file.

Net 15 or 30 day Invoicing available for restaurants and stores only.

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We are a local, family-run, small scale grower of quality, organic microgreens in Putnam county, NY, part of the beautiful Hudson Valley region. We provide bountiful, healthy greens freshly harvested from our indoor farm to area restaurants, home delivery customers and retail outlets.

Mother Gaia Greens has a mission to share the knowledge of sustainable growing as well as the benefits of these wonderful, nutrition-dense fresh microplants to enhance your health and bring joy to your life.


“There is nothing better than a friend,

  unless it is a friend with delicious microgreens to share.” 



We grow our microgreens with care to provide a fresh and flavorful ,nutrient-dense, tender plant for you to enjoy. Whether for their intense, full flavors in culinary use, or as a boost to your health, these little plants change lives. We are glad to serve you and create your custom order today!